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Features that support our community

  • Meeting scheduler eliminates unnecessary back-and-forth emails

  • Direct Q&A between company management and investors

  • Fully integrated video conferencing for a seamless meeting experience

  • Interpret complex data quickly with 3D models and 360º virtual site tours

Mining Companies

Get VRIFIED to unlock your high-impact marketing toolset.

  • 3D models

  • 360º virtual site visits

  • Satellite imagery

  • VRIFIED Company Profile

  • Unlimited custom VRIFY Decks

  • Direct investor meeting booking and Q&A

  • Press release service

  • Integrated video conferencing

  • Designated implementation specialist and client success manager

  • Online VRIFY Editor content management system

  • Meeting scheduler and messaging inbox

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Mining Investors

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  • Discover VRIFIED Companies

  • Use 3D models and 360º virtual site visits to interpret results and updates

  • Book meetings with company management

  • Direct Q&A with company management

  • Integrated video conferencing

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