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Baseline 3D Package

Baseline Package


Experience satellite views of your project and allow investors to see the big picture from anywhere in the world. We transform your GPS coordinates into an accurate and engaging virtual landscape.

Experience Baseline TourExperience Baseline Tour
Premium 3D Package

Premium Package


Our world-class production team travels on-site and carefully captures the current details of your project. Complete and connect your company’s vision in the air and on the ground.

Experience Premium TourExperience Premium Tour

Help us help you ensure you get the most from your tour.

Tell us about your project so we can customize a package that’s right for you.
FeaturesBaseline Package The foundation of your virtual tour.Premium Package Premium production package add-on.
High altitude 360° views highlighting property boundaries.
Low altitude 360° perspective views.
Our world class production team captures your project in detail on the ground.
Ultra high definition drone photography.
Ultra high definition ground, interior and underground photography.
Interactive, custom 3D model to showcase existing operations and exploration data in addition to future plans, including open pit, drill hole traces, underground workings, resource shapes, etc.
Integrate project and corporate content within your virtual tour - if it’s digital, we can embed it.
Edit and update your projects’ progress at any time with our Virtual Project Editor (VPE).
Hosting on the VRify iOS application and
Embedded virtual tour on your website.
Hold virtual conferences remotely. Have individual or a group of stakeholders tune in and follow along your tours and updates from across the globe.

*Hosting fee is $199/month, waived until January 1, 2019.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Baseline Tours are created with satellite imagery and Premium tours are created with ultra-high definition 360° aerial, ground, interior and underground photography.

Both tours include:

  • Brand and story development for your Virtual Tour
  • Custom 3D Model of your project using company 3D files and satellite imagery
  • Integration of corporate content into your virtual tour
  • Code to embed Virtual Tour on your company’s website
  • Link to embed 360° Tour on your company’s website
  • Training and 12-month full access to our Virtual Project Editor (VPE)

Absolutely! You can embed any video content you have within your tour as a video hotspot. VRify's production team only takes 360 degree and still photography on-site.

You also have the opportunity to include images, pdfs, PowerPoint presentations, factsheets, technical reports, financials to bring context to your tour - if it's digital we can embed it.

Yes, we encourage you to use your own aerial and ground photographers.

We have created a production manual, which outlines how to set up the ground and aerial photography along with best practices, tips and guidelines. We can also send a recommended aerial and ground camera kit list with the exact specifications we take on site captures. Our VRify production team will also set up a call to go over any details and answer any questions you may have.

VRify’s intuitive Virtual Project Editor (VPE) gives you the freedom to easily update your project’s progress at any time, allowing you to keep key stakeholders informed of your vision from exploration to reclamation.

Yes, once your tour is complete we will provide you with a link to embed your tour onto your website. Here are a few examples:

We use DXF, KMZ and CSV data to generate our 3D models. Once we understand what type of data you want to showcase in your model, we create a custom list of specific file types we need.

Hotspots can include images, pdfs, PowerPoint presentations, fact sheets, technical reports, financials and videos to bring context to your tour - if it's digital, we can embed it.

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