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Success for us is an environment where no investment decision is made without VRIFY.

Stephen De Jong, CEO of VRIFY

“When as a result of our superior content and experience an investor no longer needs to navigate an individual company’s website or unique marketing material to understand their value proposition.

The product of this is an accountable, transparent ecosystem rich with unique content and optimistic capital where value creators thrive and bad actors flounder.”

- Steve de Jong, Co-Founder and CEO

The standards we set for ourselves and the tools we're building for you.

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Great results shouldn't hide behind complex data and drill tables.

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It’s why we’re focused on offering context, not more technical jargon.

Our 3D models and virtual site tours are designed for companies that want to communicate drill results and resource estimates to investors in a way that includes the whole picture. That’s precisely the type of company we want to empower, because investors shouldn’t need to read between the lines.

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We will always push ourselves to find a better way.

VRIFY was founded on the belief that the mining industry needed to start communicating differently. It’s why you will never hear us say “Because that’s the way it’s done.”

We’ll continue to challenge ourselves and the companies we work with to challenge convention.

We believe in a more sustainable approach to resource investing.

Remote meetings and virtual site visits aren’t just about convenience. In fact, a balance between in-person and remote combats chronic jet-lag, travel costs and associated carbon emissions. How much shareholder $$$ is going towards traveling the world to raise more money?

Our tools are built to transition seamlessly between both in-person and virtual realities accordingly.

The VRIFY School of Mining Promotion

We’re serious about our mission, but we do like to encourage some humour along the way.

We produced these videos to poke a little fun at the mining promoter one-liners and salesy jargon our industry has grown accustomed to.

VRIFY School of Mining Promotion:

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VRIFY School of Mining Promotion:

Lesson 2

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