Creating a Healthier Mining Investment Ecosystem

Driving change in mining communications. Read about our mission and values below.

About Us


VRIFY is focused on transforming the way mining companies communicate.

Our suite of interactive 3D / 360° content presentation tools provides companies with powerful visuals and project details to optimize every interaction.

A room of business people watch a monitor displaying a VRIFY interactive mining presentation .
Our Mission

We’re on a mission to create a healthier mining investment ecosystem where every company has access to rich project data and powerful visuals, making two-way communication the norm.

We want to see more transparent and accessible communication practices at the center of every mining transaction, and are proud to take a leadership role in championing this change.

Our Story
A cover of CIM Magazine featuring Stephen De Jon, VRIFY's CEO.

When we started VRIFY in 2017, we set out with a simple mission: to give mining and mineral exploration companies the tools to better communicate opportunities to investors.

CEO of a fledgling gold company at the time, our Co-Founder Steve De Jong experienced first-hand how challenging it was to engage investors with paper pitch decks and outdated tech. In launching VRIFY, the goal was to make investment conversations easier, more interactive, and easily understood.

Today, we’ve helped 100+ companies to better connect with investors, impacting industry investment best-practices in the process.

Company Values

The north star for everything we do, our values shape how we work, who we hire, and where we’re heading next.
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Challenge the Status Quo

As an organization, we challenge the conventional way of doing things – both on our team, and with the companies we work with. We were founded on the belief that communication in the mining industry needs to change. That’s why we’ll continue to challenge phrases like, “because that’s the way it’s done.”

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Growth for Good

We believe the mining sector has an expanding role to play in supporting our cities, communities, and powering the energy transition. We’re providing the mining sector with better tools to drive more transparent and equitable mining practices, executing our vision for a better investing future.

a 360 drone video screenshot of a mining site.

Striving for Excellence

We strive to maintain best-in-class solutions shaped to our community’s needs. This means we take time to understand pain points in the market, and hold ourselves to the highest standards of quality and execution.

Meet the Team

VRIFY is powered by a diverse, talented team, bringing insights from a range of disciplines to work every day.

Steve de Jong
Chief Executive Officer
Robbie McFarland
Chief Financial Officer
Ciprian Constantin
Director of Engineering
Niamh Ryan
Senior Manager of Client Success
Allison Blevings
Director of Mining Content
Riyan Abraham
Director of Data, Automation & AI