Transforming Mining Communications

Exciting opportunities shouldn’t hide behind complex data and drill tables. VRIFY solves this problem, but what is VRIFY?

A group of executives watch a mining presentation on a large boardroom monitor, running the VRIFY platform.

Learn About VRIFY 


More Memorable

Humans remember 65% more information when it is presented with a combination of graphics and words. Use rich graphics to facilitate more dialogue with investors.


Your Reach

Stand out at conferences and pitch meetings with engaging content, and get more investor eyes on your project through the VRIFY platform’s built-in Partner Network.



Edit and present your ideas to investors while on the go. Our online editor makes it easy to add and update content and gives you the ability to present without the need for an internet connection.

Presentation Decks

A VRIFY Deck is an interactive presentation that integrates 3D models and 360° imagery with your corporate PDF content.

Decks can be embedded on any website, inserted within press releases, and are the primary content shared in pitches and presentations, both face-to-face on synced iPads and remotely with our meeting tool, VRIFY Meetings.

Floating screenshots of the VRIFY platform depicting the platforms presentation management capabilities.


VRIFY's Admin is your command centre, a web-based content management system that equips you with the tools you need to bring your projects to life and allows you to showcase your company in a way that resonates with stakeholders and potential investors.

Create and manage unlimited new Decks, maintain your 3D and 360 assets on the go, edit your presentations, and craft your company profile.

Floating screenshots of the VRIFY platform depicting the platforms presentation management capabilities.


VRIFY Meetings is a fully integrated video conferencing tool and is the easiest way to bring your interactive content into remote and in-person investor meetings.

Leverage connected iPads placing interactive presentations directly in the hands of investors. Annotate directly on your presentations to highlight key information, zoom in to showcase specific areas, or spin models around for a complete 360° view. 

iPads running the VRIFY platform depicting the platforms ability to display the same content on multiple devices simultaneously.

The Mobile App

VRIFY’s mobile application allows you to bring your presentations on the go. Access your Decks no matter the location without the need for an internet connection.

Seamlessly link iPads for a personalized, front-row experience, all while you steer the presentation. Amplify your keynotes with dynamic zoom and annotations from your iPad, projected onto the big screen. Create on-the-go videos to answer investor questions or generate compelling social media and marketing content.

Floating screenshots of the VRIFY platform depicting the platforms presentation management capabilities.

How Do I Get Started With VRIFY?

We know mining can be complicated, but it doesn't mean getting started with VRIFY has to be.

A woman takes a group of businessmen through a brain storming exercise using sticky notes on a whiteboard.

Develop Storyline

Meet the VRIFY team and define how to best capture the full story of what makes your project unique.

A screenshot from a VRIFY interactive presentation.

Collect Data

Together, we'll work with you to gather the necessary information to build your 3D / 360° content.

A group of business men look at iPads displays a VRIFY interactive mining presentation.

VRIFY Training

After we've created your 3D / 360° content library, we'll work together on testing to ensure your story is being told with the most impact.

A mining executive gives a presentation to a room full of business people using the VRIFY interactive presentation software.

Launch Content

Now you’re ready to start utilizing your VRIFY content and bring your projects to life for investors.

VRIFY Use Cases

Investor Meetings

Investor Meetings

Engage participants with dynamic presentations that are effortless to explore, comprehend, and swiftly navigate. Seamlessly jump between sections to address specific questions or zoom in and highlight key areas to make investor meetings more streamlined, accessible, and impactful.



Amplify news in a clear and compelling way while it’s still relevant. Create VRIFY videos in minutes, and release 3D interactive guided overviews to communicate with investors and shareholders in real time. Leverage high-quality video content to boost your marketing and stand out from the crowd.

Press Releases

Press Releases

Elevate the impact of your press releases and drill results with interactive presentation decks and high-resolution videos. Deliver quick, guided updates to investors, preventing misinterpretation or oversight. Ensuring your news is not misunderstood or overlooked.

Stakeholder Communications

Stakeholder Communications

Replace lengthy explanations in email write-ups, board meetings, investor days, and AGMs with interactive 3D presentations. Allow employees to virtually visit your projects without ever needing to leave their desks and engage your team by putting a fully immersive experience in their hands, improving communication on all fronts.


Are we too early for VRIFY?

VRIFY offers complete, easy-to-use solutions for every step of your business journey. Whether you're just starting your business, getting ready to release your first big report, or even wrapping up your operations, VRIFY is here to help and make things easier. See more about our company stages here.

What data do you need?

With the initial build of your interactive content,  a light lift from your technical team upfront will set you up for success with a timely turnaround on a quality deck.  By taking the time to validate your data, use our templates, and adhere to our preferred formats, you’ll be saving time during the revisions process down the line. VRIFY will be here for you along the way to troubleshoot, provide export strategies, and make the data transfer process as painless as possible. For a detailed list of our data requirements, please visit our help centre: Sharing Data with VRIFY

How does VRIFY work alongside Investor Relations (IR) firms?

VRIFY is designed to streamline your investor relations, whether you are working with an IR firm or not, VRIFY can help you amplify your investor reach and engagement. Your IR firm can leverage VRIFY, to host engaging investor meetings and webinars that feature your VRIFY content, create impactful social media content and can use VRIFY to level up your company press releases.

How much of my own time will it take to get started with VRIFY?

In getting started with VRIFY, there will be a small upfront lift required from your team. This entails collaborating with VRIFY to storyboard how you envision your projects being showcased, facilitating VRIFY's access to your technical data, and participating in informative training sessions led by VRIFY to ensure you are up to speed on the full capabilities of the platform.

Can't I just keep using regular slides for my presentations?

In 1987 the first episode of The Simpsons aired, the same year powerpoint was released. While you may still be relying on traditional slide decks for your presentations for the past 36 years, times have undeniably changed, and so have the expectations of investors. It's time to meet investors where they are —in the 21st Century.