January 30, 2024

Nova Siegmann
Senior Manager, Content & Education
April 8, 2024
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January 30, 2024 

Mandatory Update After January 30, 2024:

Users must update the VRIFY app to the latest version after January 30, 2024, to continue using VRIFY’s meeting features. This update is essential for maintaining access to all meeting functionalities. Failure to update will result in the inability to access the meeting features.

Improved In-Person Meeting Connectivity:

The latest update enhances in-person meeting connectivity, ensuring reliability and efficiency. Meetings are now smoother and more consistent for all participants.

Auto-Play Feature for In-Person Meetings:

The auto-play function allows synchronized display of VRIFY decks across multiple iPads. Ideal for conferences and exhibitions, it enables dynamic and coordinated content presentation at booths.

Introduction of Video Slides in In-Person Meetings:

Video slides have been introduced. Hosts can play video slides, with connected devices displaying a notification. This feature enhances corporate video presentations, maintaining focus in the room.

Enhanced Caption Display on External Screens:

Captions on external screens have been visually improved. The updated design provides clearer and more visually appealing text, increasing presentation accessibility.

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