Mining Technology and VRIFY's Next Era of Communication Tools - MSD Long Form with Steve de Jong

March 21, 2024
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VRIFY Platform

🎥 If you're working in the mining industry and not following Trevor Hall's Mining Stock Daily ( then you are missing out on some top notch content!

VRIFY CEO Steve de Jong met with Trevor last week to discuss Junior Exploration and technology adoption across the industry.

Steve discusses a bit of VRIFY's journey to this point, and what exciting innovation the future holds.Well worth a listen/watch, and there's even a quick sneak peak on some brand new VRIFY visualization features coming down the line!

Also shout out to Mining Stock Daily's sponsors:
Arizona Sonoran Copper Company Inc. (ASCU:TSX | ASCUF:OTCQX)

Also a VRIFY customer: 2023 Corporate Deck Fireweed Metals Western Copper and Gold

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